picheyWith an appetite for adventure and support from scholarship assistance, Mimi Pichey ’72 arrived at Brown with plans to make a difference.

She pushed for the adoption of the Open Curriculum, supported the Black Student Walkout, and mobilized Brown’s participation in the 1970 national student strike against the war in Vietnam. Mimi also helped to found the feminist organization Women of Brown United and launch a class-action suit to repeal restrictive abortion laws in Rhode Island while at Brown.

Now Mimi is giving back to her alma mater and turning activism into impact by establishing an endowed fund to support women’s reproductive health education, medical student activism in advocacy and policy, and an assistant professorship in obstetrics and gynecology. Her contributions to Brown’s Warren Alpert Medical School help ensure access to safe, affordable, and effective reproductive health care.

Mimi plans to add to her fund through tax-advantaged distributions from her donor advised fund, retirement plan, charitable gift annuities, and a provision in her estate. “I am in the fortunate position to be able to share with others,” she says. “I don’t have children, and I would like to leave a legacy that furthers my ideals.”

“Brown has proved itself to be a good steward in investing alumni contributions and honoring their wishes. I am pursuing similar philanthropic strategies with social activist organizations as well, but Brown targets my gifts directly to the areas I care about most.”