“We have made yearly gifts to the Brown Annual Fund since we graduated. We are lucky people and Brown contributed a lot to our luck.”

Jack and Kitty met at Brown, both went to law school, married, had two kids (Susie Keane ’05 and John Keane), and enjoyed successful legal careers. For both of them, their education at Brown was made possible because of scholarship support. After Brown, Jack and Kitty enjoyed rewarding and parallel careers in corporate law—Kitty in health care and insurance and Jack in the electric utility industry. Since graduation, the Keanes have stayed connected not only through their regular annual gifts but also through their local Brown Club and through attending and planning reunions. This year they’ll be celebrating their 55th Reunion. 

Ten years ago, as they were considering ways to give back to Brown to celebrate their 45th Reunion, a charitable gift annuity made sense. Jack shared: “We had some stocks that had appreciated in value. We read about Brown’s planned giving program. Donating these securities in exchange for a charitable gift annuity in honor of our 45th Reunion felt like the right way to honor this milestone. Ten years later, to celebrate our 55th Reunion, we decided to do it again. A charitable gift annuity is a win for Brown and a win for us.”  

Did you know?

A gift like the Keanes’ can now be included in your reunion class gift totals.