CoraFamily road trips past wind turbine fields in Iowa sparked an early interest in engineering for Cora Wiese Moore ’19. “Looking at different patterns of land and different wind forms and understanding bird migration routes, these factors demand a multi-dimensional view of the land. I love that kind of stuff.” In May, Cora graduated from Brown with a bachelor’s of science in engineering, concentrating in environmental engineering.

As part of her capstone project Cora trekked along old railroad corridors, analyzing plants and hydrology, and produced recommendations for future development along the Seekonk River. She also performed an energy audit for a Providence elementary school built on contaminated soil in the 1990s. Elements of social justice influenced both the project and Cora’s future career path. “I want my work as an engineer to bridge the gap between existing technology and where it needs to be to make the world a more equitable place. That's what we're missing.”

Alumni, like you, have played an important role in educating and preparing students like Cora to solve the world’s most pressing problems. In honor of their 50th Reunion, the class of 1954 established a scholarship that has helped support Cora throughout her four years on College Hill. Members of the class have ensured this scholarship will continue to grow by adding to it through their estate plans.