photo of christinaCristina García P’14, author of seven novels including Dreaming in Cuban, finalist for the National Book Award, is the proud parent of Pilar Garcia-Brown ’14. Ms. García also shares a lot of gratitude to the associate director of admission and dear friend, Mercedes Domenech, who has helped nurture an incredible diversity of talent especially for Latinx students. Ms. Domenech has changed the landscape for admitted students and continues to be a role model for change.

Inspired by Ms. Domenech's work and legacy at Brown, Cristina included the University in her estate plan. “She provided the invitation and the net that helped sustain people in that transition, often difficult, from backgrounds that were historically starkly different from typical Brown or Ivy League students.”

In finalizing her estate plan, Cristina chose to include Brown because she saw firsthand the difference a Brown education makes. “I do feel that I continue to have a long-term perspective on what a Brown education can mean for those lucky enough to get one. And so for me, it's not something that began in 2010 and ended in 2014, it's something that is ongoing. It’s long-term value continues to impress me.”

By making a planned gift to Brown, Cristina knew she would be helping students long into the future. “I think a gift to Brown now is not just for my daughter or even her daughter but for all the daughters, all the sons and daughters and children, everybody coming down the pike. Because you pass it on, you pass that baton again and again, and I think we all can make the world a little better in this way.”