KrisKris Brown grew up in northern Alaska and made his way to Brown. Grateful for his experience on College Hill, Kris remains keenly aware that intelligence is ubiquitous yet, for many, opportunity is limited. An entrepreneur at heart, Kris found a way to forge a legal career that combines his personal and professional interest in innovation, philanthropy, and social justice.

In 2010 Kris realized how revolutionary blockchain technology could be and started buying bitcoin as another way of investing in the technology. Kris saw an opportunity to use bitcoin as an agent for social change; and with support from President Paxson, Brown accepted its first gift of cryptocurrency this past March. Kris fittingly earmarked his gift for the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship where he volunteers his time working with students and has even invested in a few of their ventures.

His education at Brown taught him to tackle tough social issues with the belief that change is possible. For Kris it is about making opportunity available to everyone “because every human deserves it.”

“It’s all about trying to change things, not only for a charitable purpose, but many times just because the existing system is unfair and there needs to be a new competitor.”

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