Q: I included Brown in my estate planning. Now what?

A: If you let us know, we would be honored to recognize you as a member of the University’s College Hill Society, which has over 1,400 members and recognizes alumni and friends who commit to Brown’s future through a planned gift.

Q: Will Brown give me credit for the value of my future gift now?

A: Absolutely! Many alumni and friends have enjoyed the University’s recognition and celebration of their future gift.  Estate provisions of any size make a powerful statement about your belief in Brown now and in the future and often serves as an inspiration for others.

Q: Can my gift be anonymous?

A: Yes, of course. We are happy to work with you to achieve the level of anonymity that is right for you. 

Q: Does Brown need a copy of my estate plan?

A: No, we have a simple, non-binding form that allows you to disclose the value and designation.  We do request a copy of the sentence or two from your estate plan that pertains to Brown.   

Q: I included Brown as a percent of my estate, how can I assign a value to that?

A: You can provide the current value of the stated percentage of your assets.  The University recognizes that this amount is often just a snapshot in time that can go up or down and will certainly change over time. 

Q: What if I change my mind about Brown or my financial circumstances change?

A: The University hopes you won’t change your mind but recognizes that feelings and circumstances do change.  Brown does not consider these intentions anything other than just that – intentions.  

Q: Can I direct what I would like my future gift to support?

A: Definitely! Over the years, College Hill Society members have created scholarships, enriched academic programs, and strengthened athletics.  The Office of Planned Giving would be happy to partner with you on the impact you would like your gift to have.